All recordings are $15 each and available through John Sampen. Click on an album cover for more information and audio samples.

The Electric Saxophone II

Mark Bunce - Shrödinger's Cat

The Electric Saxophone

 Joan Tower - Wings 

Visions in Metaphor

 Phillip Glass - Facades

Shadows and Dawning

Marilyn Shrude-Renewing the Myth

The Contemporary Saxophone


Morton Subotnick - In Two Worlds

Shadows and Images


 Marilyn Shrude - Shadows and Dawning


Naron Prancharoen - Mantras

New Music Festival Virtuosi

William Albright - Sonata


American Contemporary

Walter Mays - Concerto

First Chairs

Cafe Music

Paul Schoenfield - Burlesque 

Distant Visions

Brian Bevelander - Sonata

Mild Violence


Steven Ricks-American Dreamscape

American Classics: Samuel Adler

 Samuel Adler-Soundings

Sky Scrapings

 Don Freund-Killing Time


William Kleinsasser-Concerto