The Bowling Green State University Saxophone Class has won impressive honors and awards in locations all over

the globe.  If you need a reason to "brag" about our studio, here are a few facts about recent competition activity.

Fulbright Scholar
Preston Duncan, Christopher Ford, James Fusik (declined), Ryan Muncy, Joseph Murphy, Beth Shirk, Scotty Stepp, and David Wegehaupt


BGSU Concerto Competition Winners
37 Winners since 1979
David Babich, Matthew Balensuela, Christopher Bartz, Phillip Berg, Christopher Blossom, Brianna Buck, Chi Him Chik, Susan Cook, Christopher Corde, Preston Duncan, Eva Egolf, Noa Even, James Fusik, Xiao Han, Zach Hinson, Sheldon Johnson, Jacob Kopcienski, Steve Leffue, Dennis Lindsay, Wesley Miller, Lori Moorehead, Lee Morrison, Christopher Murphy, Joseph Murphy, Andrew Park, Russel Peterson, Bryan Polacek, Kirk O'Riordan, David Rice, Erin Rogers, Phil Wells, James Umble, Carey Valente, Yu Wen Wang, Carl Wiggins, Theresa Witmer, Aiwen Zhang

Coleman Award for Woodwinds or Brass
1st Prize Winner (2002) - Bohica Quartet
1st Prize Winner (2001) - Fifth Generation Saxophone Quartet

National Saxophone Competition (NASA)
1st Prize Winner (2006) - Joel Diegert
1st Prize Winner (2004) - Michael Ibrahim
1st Prize Winner (1998) - Scotty Stepp
3rd Prize Winner (1998) - Preston Duncan
1st Prize Winner (1996) - Kevin Towner

William C. Byrd Competition
Honorable Mention (2005) - Ryan Muncy
3rd Prize Winner (2013) - Noa Even

Richardson Competition
1st Prize Winner (2010) - James Fusik

Stockhausen Courses (Kurten, Germany)
Co-Winner for Interpretation (2010) - James Fusik

Ukrane International Saxophone Competition
4th Prize Winner (2000) - Jessica Maxfield

International Jean Marie Londeix Competition (Thailand)
Semifinalist (2014) - Chi Him Chik
3rd Prize Winner (2011) - Noa Even
4th Prize Winner (2008) - Sean Patayanikorn
Semifinalist (2008) - Joel Diegert

USA Service Bands
US Navy Band - David Babich, Adrienne Welker
US Field Band - Chris Blossom
US Navy (New Orleans) - Justin Church

Canadian Music Competition
1st Prize Winner (2013) - Justin Massey
1st Prize Winner (2009) - Andy Braet

Agnes Fowler Competition
3rd Prize Winner (2005) - David Babich
2nd Prize Winner (2001) - Lee Morrison


National Fischoff Competition 
Gold Prize Winner (2005) - Blue Square Quartet
Gold Prize Winner (2000) - Lithium Saxophone Quartet
3rd Prize Winner (1995) - Transcontinental Saxophone Quartet
Gold Prize Winner (1992) Black Swamp Quartet

MTNA National Solo Competition
1st Prize (2002) - Michael Ibrahim
1st Prize (1998) - Preston Duncan
1st Prize (1995) - Russell Peterson

MTNA National Chamber Competition
3rd Prize (2005) - Blue Square Quartet
1st Prize (2002) - Bohica Quartet
1st Prize (1996) - Transcontinental Saxophone Quartet

Adolphe Sax International Competition
Semifinalist (2010) - James Fusik
Semifinalist (2006) - David Wegehaupt
Semifinalist (2002) - Michael Ibrahim
Semifinalist (1998) - Scotty Stepp

Hoagg National Young Artist Competition
2nd Prize Winner and Soloist with the Houston Symphony (1992)
Susan Cook

Arriaga National Chamber Music Competition
1st Prize Winner (2011) - Harmonium Quartet (Chang, Conn, Johnson, and Stegeman)

Lima Symphony Competition
1st Prize Winner (2015) - Chi Him Chik
1st Prize Winner (2013) - Xiao Han
2nd Prize WInner (2013) - Aiwen Zhang
1st Prize Winner (2005) - Ryan Muncy
2nd Prize Winner (2005) - David Babich
1st Prize Winner (1984) - James Umble

Douglas M. Wayland Chamber Music Competition
Undergraduate Division

2nd Prize (2016) - Enohpoxas Quartet (Buck, Bowser, Hostetler, Semanovich)
2nd Prize (2015) - Blues 151 (Kuhlman, Chik, Greenwell, Kato)

1st Prize (2012) - Gigi Quartet (Brown, Nicolia, Carpenter, McEvoy)
1st Prize (2011) - Four Corners (Han, Zhang, Whitt, Hurd)
1st Prize (2010) - Borealis Quartet (Frakes, Lang, Hinson, Kopcienski)
1st Prize (2009) Quatour Du Jour (Green, Hinson, Park, Sevel)
1st Prize (2008) H30 Quartet (Heller, Hummer, Hachey, O'Shea)

Graduate Division
1st Prize (2016) - Gravity Quartet (Heslip, Kuhlman, Chik, Murphy)
2nd Prize (2016) - Girisha Quartet (DeLouis, Zhang, West, Tanner)
1st Prize (2014) Limbo Quartet (Schultz, Salazar, Phillips, Brown)
2nd Prize (2014) Sidu Quartet (Baer, Zhang, Tu, Zoulek)
2nd Prize (2013) Melt Snow (Tu, Zhang, Liu)
1st Prize (2011) WCJC Quartet (Chang, Conn, Johnson, Stegeman)
1st Prize (2010) WCJC Quartet (Conn, Wiggins, Chang, Johnson)
1st Prize (2009) Dodecahedron Quartet (Fusik, Li, Wiggins, Braet)
2nd Prize (2008) Volunteer Quartet (Fusik, Diegert, Patayanikorn, Braet)